Monday, March 15, 2010

Yi Xian Yuan Restaurant, Taipei

Steamed Fish Set

For some reason, set meals are a huge thing in Taiwan, and yet I've never really had a good experience with them. So when my colleague brought me to this lunch-only place today (11 YiXian Road, Lane 26, 2729-0217), I shrugged and figured that I'd at least give it a try. They specialized in several kinds of fish, so I grabbed this steamed one.

It was fantastic. Wow - this thing was so tender, moist, and lightly seasoned that I couldn't stop talking about how good it was. Indeed, I got so excited that when I rushed to flip it over to get to the meat on the other side, I clumsily splashed so much of the underlying soy sauce and oil onto myself that my tie was completely ruined, not to mention forcing myself to go to my next meeting smelling like fish and grease (smooth move, slick).

Well, it was worth the loss of the tie...and I sure hope that I can get some rush dry cleaning service for my suit at the hotel tonight. I'm definitely coming back next time - my colleague's deep fried pomfret looked promising too.


Vagafood said...

Hey, do you have an address to this restaurant? Thanks.

jac said...

How much does such a set cost?