Sunday, February 28, 2010

Otokomae Johnny Tofu from Japan

Otokomae Johnny the Tofu Maker Blowin In the Wind

I bought this really just for the amusing text that I saw on the label: "Johnny the Tofu Maker, Blowin' in the Wind." Afterwards I realized that I had bought other varieties from this Otokomae ("handsome man") brand before, and that "Johnny" was just another type. Apparently the quirky marketing and naming is intentional - these guys even have a theme song and merchandising.

Anyway, the previous ones I had from Otokomae were rich and creamy, and this one was too: full of fresh soybean taste - with a hint of sweetness along with it. And just as with the others, it was so tender and creamy that one should just eat it with a spoon straight out of the pack. It was a bit too rich, in fact: just one of these was enough before I got a bit inundated by it.


JadedOne said...

I'm still so interested that you get to travel all over the world including Japan and the bay area (Cali). My husband and I just got back from Japan (Shinjuku area) and we had a blast. Not to suggest that you haven't been to these places but you have to visit the Tsukiji fish market, have conveyor belt sushi & go to a restaurant where they let you cook your own okonomiyaki! Those were the highlights from our trip. Hope to see pics of you visiting those places :)

- Sleepless in the Bay Area (just took a sleeping pill though)

Mervin said...

You bought this in Singapore, where?

bma said...

Paragon Market Place, but I think I bought the other ones at Isetan last time.

Morningdew said...

Agh, I was just at Paragon last weekend! Read this post too late but will try to look for it next weekend. Sounds yummy!

(^-_-^) said...

Ah this looks really interesting. I eat it straight out of the pack right? Does this apply to the other varieties?