Friday, October 02, 2009

My Version of a Singaporean Breakfast

Yu Sheng and Yong Tau Foo

This may not be a typical Singaporean breakfast, but this is what I've found to be my magical combination in Singapore, especially since one really can't get it elsewhere. It is yu sheng as well as yong tau foo, but specifically from Joe Pork Porridge and Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis in Chinatown, which are pretty much my two favorite vendors at making this stuff. Getting these from some random food court would probably be just nasty.

There is one huge drawback of this though: the liberal use of onions all over each dish, which doesn't bode well when one has meetings ahead of him all day. I wish that some of the fruit juice stalls around here would open a bit earlier too - that would be a great way of washing this all down.


ClearTear said...

maybe i will go to joe porridge one day and try to see who u are lolz. Joes my fav raw fish whenever my office pple go for breakfast or early lunch.. but now pregnant and can't eat, ur picture really make me drool.

averageeverydaysanepsychosupergoddess said...

hey! they used to use the larger not-so-spicy chopped chilli that i always OD on =(

ok. tmr. i go. (if i get up in time.)

tigerfish said...

My version is the economic bee hoon ;P