Friday, November 28, 2008

Trung Nguyen Has Opened in Singapore

Iced Legendee Coffee with Milk

No, I'm not a coffee drinker. But when I noticed that a Trung Nguyen outlet opened up at Liang Court, I had to come by (177 River Valley Road #02-34, 6837-3314), especially if they had weasel coffee available. I was surprised that they didn't present you with those little Vietnamese percolators, but I suppose that pre-mixing it behind the counter into these glasses was fitting when the seating area was decked out in comfy velvety seats.

I only found out later that their weasel coffee - called Legendee rather than ca phe chon - was processed in a lab rather than by an actual weasel. Well, I've only had it once before, so I really wouldn't know what a proper brew is supposed to taste like, but the flavor was very deep...with almost a cigar-like finish to it. At nearly S$11 (US$7.50) a glass, it's good that I can't take much caffeine or else this would become a rather expensive addiction.


Anonymous said...

I think there has been one in Terminal 1 at Changi for a bit

munchiew said...

they DO serve their hot "specialty" named coffees in those aluminum can filters when I bought a cup yesterday.

fiona said...

they have had one or two outlets hidden in singapore for awhile i think, like anonymous said there was one in terminal 1. I used to be a student in Singapore Polytechnic, and i swear there was a little trung nguyen on campus :)