Monday, August 11, 2008

Taking the Airebus to KL

Breakfast on Airebus

I absolutely refuse to take flights to KL, largely on the basis that it's a lot more stress-free on a contiguous bus ride with laptop power and a cellular connection instead, especially without constantly getting interrupted by stopping for security, waiting for the flight, getting on/off a taxi, etc. I was quite happy with Aeroline's coach service on my last trip, but this time I wanted to try out another one that I spotted a couple of months back: Airebus.

Similar to Aeroline, these guys featured big reclining seats with power outlets. Unlike Aeroline, these guys had VOD-screens, although the selection of rather dated content wasn't anything that I cared for. The tiny room temperature meal above wasn't exactly anything to get excited about either, but at least it was a step up from the Aeroline meal that I got last time. Still, I think I recall the condition of Aeroline's buses being a bit more solid, but maybe that was just due to my choice of Airebus' so-called "Business" class bus, whose city center drop-off locations were more fitting for my trip.

Anyway, just a few notes to myself if I decide to take these guys again. First, there was no waiting area at the DFS Scotts building as it hadn't even opened by the time the 8 AM bus arrived, so I just sat around on the steps outside. Secondly, the seat in the front left seat with the leg rest was roomy, but didn't recline flat, and was also exposed to some of the noise from the driver. Lastly, there was no bathroom on this bus (but there was one on the cheaper "Executive" class one, even if that went to a different drop-off point in KL).

Maybe I'll have a different experience on the ride back, but right now I'm torn between Aeroline and Airebus. Airebus's Business Class is better on paper and has better drop-off points for me, but I seem to recall having a smoother experience on Aeroline. At least today's ride was unbelievably punctual, leaving at 7:55 AM and getting in at exactly 1:00 PM, just as scheduled.


I Love Teh Tarik! said...

i tot this tiny meal actually looks quite nice :)

perhaps not warm.. but such food need not be only enjoyed hot.

Anonymous said...

I've sat the executive class TranStar bus to Genting before, and i recall it was quite pleasant, with an onboard 'bus attendant' to serve you your meal + tea/coffee. They have VOD and massage chairs as well- blu

Kathy said...

I tried Aeroline and it's pretty good.

My Malaysian friends say that Transtar is good.

Airebus said...

Let me introduce myself. I have been a customer with this bus service for a period of 6 months (mainly due to how close its sales office is relatively to my house). I shall outline my horrible experience out:

1. Airebus changes travel plans without notice, and expect you to accept their altered time or have NO REFUND. Bus re scheduling can vary from 3-5 hours apart and your seat will be downgraded.

2. Airebus First class coach is consistently polluted with flies all around, and even cockroaches have been spotted at the lower cabins.

3. Tickets purchased on premium seats can be downgraded if the bus is under service. This happens VERY frequently.

4. The bus is frequently LATE by 30 minutes from its pick up at Mid valley or Scotts Road.

5. At the pre designated rest stops which are supposed to be 10-20 minutes at the most; Airebus service staff often decide to have lunch or dinner, and extend this rest stop to almost an hour, hence delaying the arrival times.

6. The customer service is extremely rude and do not offer any rebates at all.

So remember, if you want to FLY LOW CLASS, go for Airebus