Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mysore Pak from Alluraiah Sweets in Ongole

Mysore Pak

This stuff rocks. One of my colleagues is from Ongole in Andhra Pradesh, and he usually brings back some Indian sweets from this shop, which is apparently famous for these things called Mysore Pak.

These little pieces may look rather drab in appearance (they look like erasers, don't they?), but just one bite makes my eyes light up with glee. Or should I say...ghee. Yep, the reason why this stuff tastes so darned good is because it is largely made from drawn butter and some other ingredients, I'm sure.

This stuff has only a ten day shelf life, three of which have already been consumed in transit on the way to Singapore. With an entire box in my hands now, the frightening thing is that I'll have to clear the rest of this pretty darned quickly. My arteries are never going to forgive me.

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