Friday, February 08, 2008

Khansama Tandoori Restaurant, Singapore

Pani Puri

Not every place in Singapore shuts down for Chinese New Year; Little India in particular was still filled with people today. I nearly walked past this place at first, seeing that it looked a bit touristy (166 Serangoon Road, 6299-0300). But when I saw a chaat counter along the street, I stopped in my tracks and sat down.

Amusingly, the counter's puri was piled up in what appeared to be a former aquarium tank, complete with the hood still attached. And when the plate was finally delivered, each puri got its own little tin, surrouding a central highball of jal jeera. It was a rather tangy rendition, and the puri were done carefully enough that there wasn't too much leakage of the juices. But there are so many other choices in Little India that this probably won't be a place that I'll pick out of the bunch again.

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Unknown said...

I have lived in Singapore for 3 years and have tried many North Indian Restaurants. This is hands down one of the best places for food, environment, food, atmosphere, and food. Khansama is in the heart of Little India located at the junction of Norris Road. It can't be missed as you will be approached one of the waiters with a printed home delivery menu.

The staff is wonderful and the chef/owner often will come to the dining room to talk to the guests, explain his take on the foods, and recommend from the menu and off the menu if you so wish. In addition to fantastic non-spicy food, Khansama will also cater to your spicy side and add different levels of spicy "heat" to any dish you wish to your liking.
When compared to some of the more touristy establishments. Don't be fooled. This place is amazing.

Go there and then go there again and again. If you are only visiting Singapore, make this one of your dinner engagements. You will not be disappointed.