Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yakitori Uma, Orchard Plaza

This was supposed to be negima but I think they swapped this for some garlic thing

This is a new yakitori place (150 Orchard Road #01-26, 6734-8368) that I noticed a few weeks ago while it was still under construction. Hoping that it had finally opened by now, we came by tonight to check it out. Fortunately, they were open.

They had all sorts of the usual kushiyaki favorites, most of which fared fine despite some very minor nitpicking (e.g., the kawa, while tasty, was not as thin nor crispy as I would have ideally wanted). And despite the name of the restaurant, basashi was nowhere to be found. But by and large, each skewer worked for me.

What was perhaps more notable was the fact that they had a kushiage section on the menu. All lightly battered and piping hot from the deep fat fryer, these little bad boys brought memories of Osaka screaming back to us. Seriously...someone should just open a dedicated kushiage place in Singapore; there are plenty of yakitori places here as it is. If I come back, it will likely be more for the fried goods.


Anonymous said...

There is a kushiage restaurant in Singapore by a chef from Osaka. Si Bo in Sentosa on the grounds of the Amara Sanctuary resort.

Its awesome!


monsterwoof said...

Amara Sanctuary Resort looks lovely but how ironic it is to have fried food in a spa! $170 for kushiage seems pretty steep but I guess it is cheaper than a plane ticket to Osaka.

mama bok said...

I could use some good yakitori right about now.. ;) my wanton soup sucks..!