Sunday, October 14, 2007

Chili House Restaurant (Wu Chao Shou), Taipei

Red oil wontons and dan dan mian

Whoa - these guys have renovated their shop (Zhong Xiao East Road Section 4 Number 250, 02-2721-6088). Looking a bit more elegant than before, these guys apparently started in Chengdu and moved here after the Chinese civil war. And being from Chengdu, of course they specialize in Sichuan food. It's obligatory to get the red oil wontons that they are named after (in Chinese, anyway). While the wontons are impressively small and tightly wrapped, it was a tad too sweet for me. The dan dan mian, while also appropriately small, was also a tad too overpowering in the garlic department for my taste.

Hot and Sour NoodlesFortunately, another big bowl of hot and sour noodles worked out nicely, even if that bright red stuff wasn't the healthiest thing in the world. One can't help but chuckle at the little sprigs of veggies that they top it if that were going to make it healthier.

Fen Jen PorkThese guys also pushed their steamed fen jen pork ribs as a signature dish, which we probably shouldn't have gotten, especially since I hate those little fragments of broken bone that one comes across. I think still prefer Lau Deng near Yong Kang Street instead. True, Lau Deng's pork ribs have similar issues, so I guess I simply don't like this dish period (even though I do like the sticky rice). But I like their red oil wontons and dan dan mian better.

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joanh said...

yeah.. i can't deal w/ the broken bone fragments either.. their shrimp and peas were good and I liked their non-Chili variety offerings.