Monday, September 03, 2007

Okonomi Yukari, Osaka

Mixed Okonomiyaki

When in the Kansai region, get okonomiyaki, right? I've admittedly never really been that big of a fan of it, but this is practically mandatory eating here, so we stopped on in to grab a quick bite. These guys in particular have been around since 1953 and apparently have spread into quite a chain, with us spotting at least three outlets right here around Umeda station. I got some kind of seafood selection, which the lady mixed and grilled at our table for us. It was fine, but we've certainly filled our cholesterol quota for the day. Maybe next time I'll give that thinner negiyaki variety a spin instead.

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Unknown said...

I love Okonomiyaki! Sadly, you cannot get a decnent one, here in the States. Osaka is also well known for their style of Takoyaki. Thanks for making me hungry! *^_^*