Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yakinuku Beef Bowl from Yoshinoya Singapore

Yakiniku Beef Bowl

Yoshinoya Singapore appears to be adding more of these beef bowl variations, this one being a yakiniku beef bowl. It encouragingly came out with a big sesame oil aroma. But perhaps not surprisingly, it ended up being on the sweet side, thus really being bulgogi, to be specific. In fact, it seemed like nothing more than their original beef bowl but dressed in that sweet sauce and with a few garnishes added. Oh well. I'll stick to the original instead.

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Anonymous said...

I remember fondly lunches at the Yoshinoya Denver (Colorado) restaurant in the 1970's. Delicious. What a great idea. Too bad it takes such a large volume to make it work. Greeley, Colorado could really benefit from such a restaurant. EdwinD