Sunday, July 22, 2007

"My Rice" Chicken Rice, Balestier Road

Chicken Rice

This was a completely random meal. Running an errand out on Balestier Road today, we stopped at a coffee shop to grab a quick bite (Wan Lee Food Court at 567 Balestier Road). I wasn't expecting anything special, but to my surprise, there was a hawker inside claiming to be the "former Mandarin Singapore Hotel Chatterbox chicken rice chef." Really? OK, let's give this one a shot.

Now, was it just me, or did this look like the exact same porcelainware that they used at Chatterbox? (before they remodeled into that plasticky place, that is) Food-wise, I guess it was fine; the chicken was tender and the rice was tasty. But for some reason I seemed to remember a little more "oomph" from the old Chatterbox version that I couldn't find here (especially the chili sauce). Then again, I wasn't exactly a regular at Chatterbox, so I may be totally wrong on that.

At S$5 (US$3.30) for the set, it seemed like a high price to pay for chicken rice. But they did give umlimited refills of rice with that, and it sure was a heck of a lot cheaper than Chatterbox in the end. And hey - it was on the same porcelainware.


Anonymous said...

Yup.. for sure.. it's way cheaper than chatterbox..!! and it sure looks like the same..!! and free flow of rice..! wow..!!

Anonymous said...

the ex-chef of Chatterbox did leave and set up his own shop. So this very well may be the one. -blu

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell you that I banked on you for a restaurant recommendation this past wkend and had a happy Sunday lunch at Hometown in Smith St. The water-cooked fish isn't quite as good as those I've had in Beijing but it was awesome enough for Singapore. The drool chicken was droolsome.

Anonymous said...

If I am not wrong, the chef behind Chatterbox Chicken Rice has set up shop at Downtown East Food Court. My friend who has tried it swear by it that he found the guy. Check it out, although I doubt if you will venture that far to try it.

Anonymous said...

the western set, the frog poriddge, the bak ku teh are some of the best in this coffee shop, too bad, it is rather at the end, some people will miss it. Next time, have chance, try their frog porridge n bak ku teh there at night only.