Saturday, May 19, 2007

En Japanese Dining Bar, UE Square


The last time I was here (207 River Valley Road #01-57 facing Mohamed Sultan, 6735-2212) was years and years ago. While that experience was generally memorable (particularly for the kawaebi), admittedly I haven't been back since, probably since I'm not a particularly huge lover of Okinawan food. But we were in the neighborhood tonight, so we stopped on by for some refueling.

We grabbed a number of items, such as the nasu kamo, a special of the day that featured - yes - eggplant and duck slices that paired well together. Another really favorable item tonight was the gyutan shioyaki, which was not done to the point of sporting the scorch marks that I usually like, but it was so thinly sliced and tender that it was still really, really enjoyable (I suppose the dose of sesame oil overtones helped). And of course we got the kawaebi, which was still one of the better ones that I've had around town with extra small yet very fresh (and tender) river shrimp with a side of salt for dipping.

SukugarasuAnd so what of some of the typical Okinawan items? Admittedly I was in neither a pork nor champuru type of mood, so we grabbed the sukugarasu instead, whose light tofu was of course refreshing, even if those tiny little fish were very, very salty. Anyway, yes, this place fared well and was definitely getting very crowded when we left. I'm still not that big of a fan of Okinawan food, so I don't envision myself running back here again right away. But I certainly wouldn't complain if I were dragged here.

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Unknown said...

ooh ooh, i've never seen tofu with little fishes on it. looks interesting, small enuf that you don't notice bones and fins? great pix too btw, are they really taken with a camera phone?