Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Marmalade Pantry's Ribeye Steak Sandwich

Ribeye steak sandwich with grilled onions avocado & wasabi mayonnaise

Here the ribeye steak sandwich from the Marmalade Pantry again (Palais Renaissance #B1-08, 6734-2700). The kitchen apparently got a little too excited with the salt today, not only with this dish, but with many of the others around the table too. But the steak was still tender and tasty, and generally favorable. I was also rather impressed with the bread board that they had too, which was very airy yet cripy and paired very well with butter (this is a big compliment from someone who doesn't like bread).

It's puzzling to me though that these guys are related Pierside. I'd prefer to forget most of my meals at Pierside, but I'll happily come down to the Marmalade Pantry, especially for the chicken pot pie (with a great cylindrical buttery crust) as well as the pastrami sandwich on Sundays. Are they the same owner but different chefs?

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