Thursday, December 21, 2006

Beachside Snacks from Copacabana

Selling camarones on the beach

As commercialized as Copacabana beach can be, I actually rather enjoy it since it can also give one a chance to try some local snacks brought straight to your feet. Take for example these camarones (shrimp) on a skewer. I suspect I might have gotten the foreigner pricing on these at 10 Reais (US$5) for a skewer of five, but I sure enjoyed the squeeze of lime and touch of oil on these (they are conveniently eaten complete with the shells.) To wash it down, I got a caipirinha, which I liked better than the ridiculously expensive ones from last night).

Biscoitos de PolvilhoI also saw a bunch of guys carrying around these huge clear plastic bags of smaller white bags inside. Not quite knowing what it was exactly, I pointed at one and forked out 2 Reais (US$1) for a random bag (it looked like he had multiple flavors). These turned out to be Funyun-like things. They were much bigger, but also much lighter.

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Mad Munkey said...

You totally got screwed on the pricing. I'm also surprised they didn't make you sick.