Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Little Taste of Semiya Payasam

Semiya Payasam

Here's just a little taste of semiya payasam that I grabbed from the lunch buffet at Bombay Woodlands today. It's apparently some kind of vermicelli combined with ghee, sugar, saffron, raisins, and nuts. This was my first time having it, and I sure loved it. As with most Indian desserts, it was very, very sweet (so sweet that I needed four scoops of sugar into my Masala Tea in order to be able to distinctly taste it afterwards), but what I loved about it was the burst of saffron that erupted from the warm gooey stuff. It was comforting.


jane said...

Hey, can I find out for the lunch buffet how is it served? Is it those mass buffet containers whereby you take the food yourself or you order and the waiter would bring the food to you? Do they served pani puri for the lunch buffet? Sorry for the bombardment of questions, been wanting to try bombay woodlands since the time you talked about the pani puri..

bma said...

Yeah, unfortunately it is a row of buffet troughs. The food is still fine, but the better choice would be to pick a la carte (and no, there is no pani puri at the buffet). We only did the buffet that day in the interests of saving time.

So do sit down to order the real deal instead. Or simply just go to Raj, a place that I feel has a thing or two above this place.