Friday, September 29, 2006

Sunset Grill & Pub at the Singapore Flying Club

Buffalo Wings Level #3 - sorry for the crappy photo hereThis place (140-B Picadilly, Seletar Air Base, East Camp, 6482-0244) was mentioned to me a while back, so it was good that we got to come here tonight, even if I was never a huge fan of the food at Jerry's. I'm glad to say though that this place significantly exceeded my expectations.

The buffalo wings, while discouragingly breaded and being some of the largest I'd ever seen with way too much meat on the bone (and looking like a horrible blob in the photo on the right - sorry...the lighting was bad outside), fortunately utilized the correct hot-sauce-and-butter-based combination that gave their "Level #3" (of a ten-scale spiciness) an excitingly lip-swelling kick that I rather enjoyed (a level 2.5 would be ideal for me if they had it). The chili, despite their typo on the menu calling it "chili corn carne" (to be sure, no, there was no corn in there either), was much better than I was expecting, as I happily ate the Texan ground beef and bean concoction. And the "nacho chips" (sounds a bit redundant there, eh?) were fortunately crispy, unlike some horrendously stale ones that I've had at places like Cafe Iguana.

Not all was perfect (the homemade salsa had a sweet tinge to it, and oddly, tartar sauce was provided instead of blue cheese dressing for the buffalo wings), but by and large, this place was much better than I was expecting. It's quite a bit out of the way though, so maybe it's time to give Jerry's a second chance. The last time I ate Jerry's was years and years ago (and in takeout form too), so maybe I just got a bad read last time.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad that you enjoy the food there. I've been eating there since it opened on day one and I find that generally the quality and quantity had gone down. The wings are not breaded, its coated with flour and then deep fried. They throw in the chilli stuff before serving. The level of hotness is up to 20, one American ever came there and ordered that level. 5 is the highest I've ever tried. But I think they have tone down the hotness, level 3 now tastes like level 2.

Finally, congrads, you managed to find your way to the oldest flying club in Asia.