Sunday, July 30, 2006

Paella from Via Mar, the Esplanade

Paella de Mariscos

I finally got the chance to try the paella at Via Mar today. At first, we were a bit worried since there seemed to be some changes afoot with new menus (physically speaking that is - the food selection still seemed the same) and an unfamiliar staff. Fortunately when the food came out, things seemed OK, with still surprisingly fresh gambas al ajillo, and generally the same experiences with my other faves, the gazpacho soup and chorizos fritos.

Then came the paella. Now, while I liked this one better than some other ones available around here (and definitely much better than that Eau La La place), it was still disappointingly soggy (curiously too, they provided one of those small local calamansi limes instead of lemon wedges). Well, if I come back here, it won't be for the paella. It will be for the tapas, which at least are still some of the better ones around town.


Anonymous said...

Try Naxos, mediterreanean and italian. Very pleasant environment, cheerful owner, Salvo, you can say Cindy introduced you :D

Ever since Maison Basque in Suntec closed down, Naxos is my comfort source for paella. Maison Basque had excellent paella but the service was really bad. Esmirada also has paella but I haven't tried in years and my friend said the service is bad.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, the paella there is horrid. Come to think of it, never had a good paella in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

viamar is in my hatelist.. sad story.. i hate the place viamar

Anonymous said...

The paella at Streeters on Kiong Saik road in China Town is not too bad....

rk said...

is viamar still having the 1-for-1 wine during happy hour?

Their paella is hoorrrrible!!
Their tapas and steakcubes not bad though.