Friday, June 02, 2006

The S$8 Vongole From Amici

The S$8 Vongole Pasta Lunch Special at Amici

The clam pasta had always been on Amici's S$8 lunch special menu, but the good folks at Amici were always kind enough to tell us when the clams weren't fresh and hence refuse to serve it. And nearly every single time I popped in there for lunch, they refused. So I asked them when was the best time for it then, and they told me closer to the weekend. Hence, today was Friday, and I popped down. Oh boy, they had it today.

It was fine. I wish there would have been more butter and less pepper in it (and with smaller clams), but at only S$8 (US$4.70), I can't complain. Amici is still a convenient place to pop over to for a quick, cheap, and decent lunch, even if the portions today were a bit small (I had to get a second bowl - and interestingly they randomly switched to linguine instead of spaghetti the second time) and the service a bit spotty (they didn't realize until my second bowl that I didn't have either a napkin nor a separate plate for dumping shells out onto).


Anonymous said...

So what do they do with the unfresh clams?

Anonymous said...

OMG, I have been craving vongole for like ever! My favourite Italian place doesn't do a good vongole, although it's tasty, the clams are sandy.. where would you recommend for good vongole?

bma said...

You may want to try Porta-Porta or Cantina...and not just for the clams.

What is your favorite Italian place? I'm definitely looking for more recommendations!