Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cold Noodles From A Wheeled Cart

It may not look that appetizing in the photo, but this little box of cold noodles kicked some serious ass.

Makin' Cold Noodles From A Wheeled Cart Off the Streets of ShanghaiThe hits here just don't stop! Here's another kickass meal off the streets of Shanghai, this time from a little wheeled cart tucked away in a small street just north of Nanjing East Road in the late night rain. This lady had some cold noodles not unlike the last bowl where they are naked first before being dressed in all her good sauces. But she used regular noodles here (almost like spaghetti) and a wider variety of ingredients in the mix, be it kelp, peanuts, or the extra spicy (but optional) chili sauce (this thing seriously packed some heat). And this lady's noodles were cheaper at only RMB 2 (US$0.25). Yum.

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