Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Golden Arch at Bali's Airport

The Golden ArchThis is interesting. Once you are past the immigration counters at Denpasar, there is a McDonald's kiosk with only a single arch instead of the golden arches (cue John Amos' scene in Coming to America). You are supposed to order here, and then you have to wait 15 minutes for the food to come to you. Seeing as there was no real McDonald's kitchen behind the kiosk, I assume that the wait is because they have to run back out to the actual McDonald's outside to fetch your food for you. I didn't end up eating there, but it was interesting to see (I didn't see anything unusually localized on the menu either).

Note to self though: next time you depart Bali, be sure to eat before going to the airport. The food choices (aside from McD's and Dunkin Donuts outside) are limited to a Japanese place (I ate there a number of years ago, and it was nothing memorable), some little cafe stands, and a number of not-worth-it Indonesian places called Prada (even the SQ lounge's spread upstairs was marginally better). Instead, we noticed a number of local hawkers on the streets just minutes outside the airport; that probably would have been the better choice, assuming that you are not schlepping around any bulky luggage with you at that time.


nev said...

There's a fantastic authentic Nasi Padang place on the way to Bali airport, right across the street from the statue of the horse carriage. I forgot the name but I always go there before boarding my flight :)

Anonymous said...

They take the scooter to the McDonalds in town and pick up your food. Talk about soggy fries.