Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tony Roma's Singapore

Onion Loaf

OK, this isn't a place I would come to normally, especially considering how much I hate chain restaurants. But after a long day out with the fellas today, we needed some grilled meat and cholesterol, and thus headed over to Tony Roma's, which has a couple locations across the island. The Onion Loaf started out all right as a total grease bomb, while the "World Famous Ribs" were tender. The corn on the cob was horrendously overdone and mushy though.

The Original Baby Back World Famous RibsAnyway, there is not much to say here. It's chain food, and definitely not BBQ that I would prefer to have.

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Zi said...

Can try out the handle bar if you haven't... located beside SAJC, near villa bali, etc... pretty decent grilled meats if you ask me...