Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Post-Drinking Vindaloo


Mmm...after hitting up some post-work beers tonight, I needed something with a good kick to sit in my stomach. What came to mind? Vindaloo, a really spicy curry that interestingly apparently started as a Portuguese dish in its former Indian colony of Goa but has since become a huge thing in England instead. Honestly, I have no idea if the place that I got this one at (Haldi, 61 Boat Quay, 6534-4424) is any good as I just randomly chose it while trying to find an Indian place that was still open late (plus it's been years since I last had a curry in England), but this hit the spot as it was bursting with flavor for a perfect complement to the basmati rice. Yum - I inhaled this one pretty quickly, I must say.

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