Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Eng Kee Famous Roasted Duck

Roast Duck Char Siew Rice

A random person at a wedding a couple weeks ago told me that he drives all the way across the island on his lunch break just to get this duck at the former Enggor House (it looks like the kopitiam is now called the Realty Food House, 15 Enggor Street #01-01). I had passed through this place a number of times before, but nothing ever stood out to me. I must have been blind. There was a huge line today at this stall right up near the front, with roast duck and char siew hanging in the display case. OK, if there are this many people (and if that guy drives all the way down here for this), then I would hope that it would be good.

I was a bit let down at first since the brown colored sauce that they dumped on this thing just drowned out all the flavor. And my perception of good char siew has been spoiled by this one really good shop off Jalan Alor in KL. (This place didn't even come close.) But once I found a piece of duck that was not polluted by the sauce, my face suddenly lit up. It was very rich and full of flavor without being oily. Nice one. Next time, I'll be sure to ask them to just give me plain duck - no sauce, no char siew.

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