Sunday, January 15, 2006

Brand's Essence of Chicken

Essence of Chicken

This stuff is interesting. In a Singaporean twist to the classic Jewish mother's chicken soup, "essence of chicken" is basically a little bottle of dark chicken soup (think chicken soup espresso) that is sold at pharmacies (I guess because of the health benefits?). It's not bad, but I wish it were a little more savory for some extra tastiness, as it's actually a bit bland (and nearly bitter). It's not cheap either at about S$3 (US$1.75) for a tiny little bottle.


communist hornbag said...

would u like anymore?

i'm giving them away because i hate that stuff and my visitors were too cheap to get me birdsnest when i was hospitalised.

bottles of fish essence and chicken essence looking for a good home!

Anonymous said...

as a kid, i used to have to pinch my nose in order to down this each time i'm recuperating from some ailment or preparing for some school exam.

i now hold my breath and gulp it down whenever i'm offered a bottle by grandma (it's rude to refuse goodwill in any way or form when it's from a respectable elder in this family). she would usually place a bottle in a bowl of warm water to heat it up, thus making it (supposedly) more palatable.

and i still have no idea how it really tastes like, because there's usually a mint ready (how thoughtful of grandma!) as i gasp for breath after gulping down the last drop!

love this blog btw. :)

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Anonymous said...

i had always found chicken essences to be mighty tasty ^^ guess its just me hehe

Anonymous said...

hey ya! Stumbled across your should try Sakura Cuisine in Ginza Plaza for its Indo-Thai fare. I'm based in Australia now and I was last back in Singapore awhile ago....but I hear Sakura's still around....

I recommend...
Pineapple rice
Tom yum soup made extra spicy.
Fried chicken
Stir fried vegetables in smokey sauce
Sweet and sour fish (this one's my personal favourite)
And to top it off you have the incredibly fiesty hot chopped chilli sauce.

Wow, I'm hungry now and I really, really miss home!

Have fun!

p.s. my mother used to make me drink brands essence of chicken before exams. I thought it was a horrendous experience but I think after about 42 days you get used to it and learn to love the flavour, or lack of it.

maan said...

I saw the Brand's ad on Nat Geo a few days ago, so I asked my dad to buy me a bottle (I'm in my 2nd year of college, and I need all the help I can get) :D

A few hours ago, I took my first Brand's and ... GAAAH :|

I only finished halfway when I decided to finish the rest next morning. :D I knew I should have pinched my nose. :D