Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Shawarma off Al Rigga Road, Dubai


Just before leaving for the airport, I went for a walk down Al Rigga and found a shop on the street called Beirut that had ridiculously small shawarma sandwiches for only 4 Dirham (US$1). Since they were really cheap and small (you could wolf one down in less than a minute), I grabbed one just as a "taster." It didn't look too promising at first glance – not only since it was chicken, but also since it had no veggies in it (unlike those doner kebaps off the streets of Berlin). But I was a bit surprised when taking a bite as a burst of nearly stinging garlic mayo erupted into my mouth. This made it taste much better than I thought it would be, although I suppose anything with garlic is going to taste good (like snails – ha ha).

Shawarma SandwichThey also shoved French fries into this thing for a bit of a crispy texture. Well, this isn't healthy by any means (and yeah, the garlic was a bit excessive), but I can see why one would want one of these after a drinking session.

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A said...

Those photos are orgasmic! I miss living in Dubai.