Monday, December 12, 2005

A few random dishes from Phuket

RIce Soup

Here's just a few random things from Phuket. First off: a rice soup breakfast. Note that this is not porridge or congee in the Chinese style where the rice is used from the start to create a sludge-like consistency; this seems more like rice cooked separately and then thrown into soup so that each grain is still distinct and separate from the others - a bit like some Korean dishes (without the kimchi flavor of course). It's a pretty cool way to start the day with a nice savory bowl (this one has fish slices and ginger in it). You've gotta love being able to throw in some dry chili flakes and other condiments to season while you're at it.

Beef Salad

In the afternoon, we hit up some of the requisite tom yum soup, followed by a beef salad. This streetside stall made one with celery stalk leaves and a crapload of chili (this definitely had a lot of heat), which was nice. I wish some of these guys would grill their beef instead, and then sprinkle some of that ground-up rice powder on it for a bit of texture. Nonetheless, this was still good.

Tom Yum Soup

Fried Banana and PineappleFinally, we had some deep fried bananas and pineapple. The batter was almost like fish-and-chips batter (and interestingly enough, there was an English Fish & Chips shop next door), but hey - who can complain about deep fried stuff?? (evil grin)

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