Friday, November 25, 2005

"Thai Spice" McNugget Sauce

Chicken McNuggets with Thai Spice sauce

One thing cool (well, OK, "interesting" may be the better word sometimes) about McDonald's is the localization efforts they do across the globe. Today in Singapore, I noticed a sign for four new Chicken McNugget sauces: Thai Spice, Wacko Wasabi, Lemon Tango, and Smokin' Sizzler. Thai Spice sounded interesting, so I tried it. It was a bit thicker and sweeter than I had envisioned (the ingredients listed on the packaging read: "sugar, vegetable oil, chili, yolk, modified starch, venigar [sic], fresh garlic, salt, preservative") but it was still good enough that I cleared out the entire dipping sauce tub without even enough left to finish off my last McNugget. It obviously wasn't super spicy, but it did have the flavor. The label said that it was packed by "Srithai Food Service." Cool - that was worth getting. I guess that's one of the benefits of living in Asia.

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