Friday, October 14, 2005

Taipei Street Food

The lady at the mi fun stand

Stir fried mi fun noodlesOne of the great things about Taipei is all the cheap yet tasty and fragrant food on the streets as you walk by. Here's a few samples, the first of which is a plate of stir fried mi fun noodles from the Ding Hao area near Sogo. It was nice and greasy featuring bits of pork lard. It was a little sweet, but bearable.

Salty Crispy ChickenHere's hsian su ji, or, literally translated, salty crispy chicken, a savory deep fried snack with strands of basil that you poke at with a skewer. The best part about it is the seasoning (pepper, spices, and chili powder) added at the end, which gives it a nice punch. I wish this lady didn't include all those bones though (where are you supposed to spit them out??).

Huge BBQ sausages at Shihlin Night Market

We pressed on to the landmark Shihlin Night Market, where of course street food was in abundance. We were a bit too full to eat anything by now, but check out the size of those sausages.

Fishing for ShrimpThere was also this funny setup where you sit on a plastic stool with a short line and fishing hook to try to catch a live shrimp. Upon success, you take it to the grill right next to it and fry it. I doubt this would be any good though - it's obviously more for the novelty of catching shrimp than anything.

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