Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Catered Lunch at the Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

Crispy Tiger Prawns in Feuille De Brick, Warm Spinach & Shimeiji Mushroom Salad

I've never eaten at any of the restaurants at the glitzy Fullerton Hotel before (do bar snacks at the Post Bar count? ha ha), but if their catering is any indication, then the other restaurants should be pretty good. At a three-course lunch today, we were entertained with the "Crispy Tiger Prawns in Feuille De Brick, Warm Spinach & Shimeiji Mushroom Salad" to start, followed by the "Tomato Crusted Black Cod Fillet, Roasted Garden Vegetables Mushrooms Tagliatelle, White Wine Foam" as a main course, and the "Ivory White Chocolate Terrine, Griottine Cherries, Spicy Cherry Sauce" to finish it off. Everything pretty much tasted like it sounded: a bit snotty, but pretty good. Each ingredient contrasted with the other in both taste and texture...and in a good way. For instance, the tarty tomato crust paired nicely with the light cod (and the smidgen of pasta underneath was a nice touch), while the fermenting alcohol-soaked cherries provided a good bite against the rectangular white chocolate.

Was the meal really that snotty? If I'm not mistaken, feuille de brick is just a fancy word for a spring roll. And "white wine foam"? I dunno why I keep encountering "foam" in fancy food recently since there really isn't any taste.

Well, I'm not trying to poo-poo on the food: it was definitely really good. In fact, if I had to eat fancy food, then this is a place that I might consider coming back to, especially if there were some important people that I needed to impress. But I would just have to figure out which restaurant within the Fullerton is responsible for this meal.

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