Saturday, August 27, 2005

Catchup Chronicles #3: Australia and New Zealand

I wish I had started this blog about four years ago, when I really started to give my passport and frequent flier accounts a workout, going to new places around the world. Well, in an effort to try to make up for some of that, I've dug up some old photos that I've taken, and will post them here in sections from time to time (especially when I don't see any upcoming travel for a while). This episode: a couple trips to Australia and New Zealand - although unfortunately without many photos.

DSC01862 (Small)

This is the Fergburger from Queenstown, New Zealand, which smelled and looked very appetizingly greasy after a long day of snowboarding. But when I bit into it, it was appalling. Why? The slice of sweet beetroot inside (apparently it is quite common in ANZ). Yuck! I learned my lesson: whenever ordering a burger from Australia or New Zealand, get them without beet. There are some unique soft drinks down there too - I particularly like this one (it was so long ago that I don't remember what flavor it was though). I had some pretty good seafood in Auckland too.

Over on the other side, Sydney has to be one of the food capitals in the region. Great stuff all around, ranging from tall pies on the wooden pier late at night at Harry's Cafe on Wheels in Woolloomooloo near the W Hotel (with mashed peas and gravy) to Pancakes on the Rocks (I had some chocolate and vanilla pancakes?). The fresh oysters at the fish market looked amazing too. Here is a photo of a creme brulee from Waterfront Restaurant (seafood) at the Rocks. I wish I took more photos. Sydney is truly a great place for food.

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