Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Roti Prata House, Upper Thomson Road

Roti prata is an interesting Singaporean modification of two Indian flatbreads, roti and parahta, intended for dipping in leftover curry. That may sound nasty, but it's actually a great little grease bomb perfect for post-drinking episodes. Roti prata goes beyond just the bread and into cool things like cheese prata, which, if done correctly, can get to a crispy greasy pizza-like taste embedded in the bread (sans tomato sauce of source).

This eponymously named place (246 M Upper Thomson Road, Singapore, 6459-5260) has endorsements plastered all over it: "Recommended by The New Paper," "The Best Crispy Prata," etc, but I was a bit let down. It wasn't all that crispy, and the cheese prata lacked cheese taste. The teh halia pulled ginger tea sucked too - it was weak in taste and had cooled off too much. Well, the prata wasn't bad, but it wasn't great - I still prefer the (admittedly-overhyped) Jalan Kayu establishments instead.

The one thing that did stand out for me was the mutton soup, which has an unattractive green-grey color, but tastes amazing with a spicy and robust taste and yet a very thin consistency. If I come back here (which is likely considering that it's 24 hours), then it will be primarily for the mutton soup. The roti prata will only be an afterthought.

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Anonymous said...

I went there last week and asked one of uncle staff there for the prices of some pratas on the menu (prices not stated).. he quoted $3 and $4 !!!!!
But when i later placed my order with another staff and got the receipt, I realised that uncle staff was trying to cheat my money!!! How dishonest !!!!

Later when i finished my food and pay at the counter, i was served by the same uncle staff who seemed a bit embarassed as he realised I would know already he was trying to cheat my money….

I like the crispy pratas they made but I would be wary of the staff there in case they resort to cheating tactics again !!

FIRST TIME customers BEWARE!!!

P.S: Jus to let first timers there understand, the menu DOES NOT state prices. You simply order wif the waiter and he wud bring u the food and a receipt ONLY SHOWING THE TOTAL PRICE, NOT THE FOOD ITEMS U ORDERED. Hence, they can deny even if u claim the staff misquote prices in an attempt to cheat your money!!