Friday, June 24, 2005

Tony's Seafood, Point Reyes, CA

My dad took me here once as a kid, and I finally found this place again after all these years. It's a little shack on the oyster farm where they shuck oysters by the roadside and BBQ them with a red sauce and garlic. Comes in plates of four.

Interestingly, the BBQ oysters are not of the local variety. They are flown in from Washington state and are huge. Too huge. I still prefer the smaller local variety (which they thankfully still serve raw on the half shell). The New England clam chowder is a bit too salty too, but still acceptable. The horseradish is pungently fresh though.

At the end of the day, the Swan Oyster Depot and Hog Island beat this place by far. But it's still worth coming to, even if it's an hour and a half drive up from the city, more so for the coolness factor of the location than anything. Just be sure not to run any bicyclists off the road on those narrow winding streets.

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