Sunday, June 26, 2005

Chicago for Ribs, Palos Verdes, CA

This is a chain restaurant, but one that I've never been to before, so I didn't mind going so much. Besides, American BBQ sounded pretty good at the time.

It was pretty much what I expected, if not better. The portions were huge of course (we ordered the World Famous Chicago Feast for two). The BBQ sauce didn't have enough kick, but it was still OK, and the meat had the right amount of fat attached. The potato skins with bacon and sour cream were also good enough to have to apologize to my arteries again. They had an onion loaf like Tony Roma's, as well as cole slaw, although I like my cole slaw to be creamier. Still, add some corn bread and beans, and you have yourself a meal.

Anyway, this is a chain that I suppose that I could bear if force fed (apparently they have one in Jakarta). But nothing beats little family shacks, like the Salt Lick outside Austin, or the little no name shack outside San Jose Muni golf course.

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