Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Teochew Porridge on Old Havelock Road

Teochew Porridge

I used to think this was the most disgusting thing in the world, especially when it was served in Taiwan late at night - bland rice porridge with nasty sides. But a friend once took me to this place late at night once and it changed my opinion completely. This place has nice greasy add-ons that make this bland porridge an actual grease bomb.

It's sludge, I know (and not the healthiest, prettiest, nor freshest sh*t in the world), but damn, is it tasty as the grease and porridge coat your stomach. I would never eat those nasty lukewarm sides on their own, but for some reason, when you put it together with the porridge, it comes together like magic. Yum...

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Kathy said...

Hmmm teochew porridge is great but this isn't the best place to have it. It's a famous joint but quite overated. There are other teochew muay outlets, where the sides aren't that oily or cold. This is the biggest gripe i've got about this place and the fact that they do fleece you.

You can find better at Maxwell Road Hawker Centre, though i do not think they close as late as this joint.