Saturday, May 28, 2005

Ramen Ramen at Rail Mall

Ramen Ramen at Rail Mall

Don't judge a book by its cover. That's the lesson learned here. Partially, anyway.

My first impression wasn't good. Judging by the outside, the menu, the service, and the food on other tables, I was thinking that I shouldn't have come (it looked eerily like that nasty Ajisen Ramen). But I was recommended the chizu ramen, and it did turn out pretty good. The broth was rich and tasty, and the noodles had a good texture. The cheese was especially tasty. Wow - that was unexpected. And they actually had Asahi Super "DRY" beer.

Unfortunately, that's where the goodness ended. Just to be sure of the measure of the restaurant, I ordered the yakitori. As expected, the kitchen failed miserably with big chunks of meat and leek that had obviously seen younger days. Would I come back? Yeah, probably - for the chizu ramen. But I'd stay away from the other menu items.

Apparently this place was started by some guy who spent time in Japan and wants to "ramenize" Singapore. Too bad this restaurant is way out there - a bit too far for me when the cab fare costs more than the bowl.

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