Sunday, May 29, 2005

Le Viet at Siglap

Le Viet at Siglap

The broth here is a bit too heavy-tasting for my taste (and slightly artificial - I suspect they use some MSG-based cubes to help), and the bowl is pretty small. I still prefer the lighter, more delicate and natural taste of Pho Hoa. The fresh rolls were fresher than Pho Hoa's though (Pho Hoa's rolls suck - like they had been sitting around for a few days).

This actually used to be the same shop that was outside Far East Plaza, which has now closed, so the only one is this Siglap one. (I wonder if any kids pour chili sauce in the open guppy tank by the tables at this location.)

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Anonymous said...

surfing around for good vietnamese joints when I stumbled on this post. We used to go to Le Viet. It was not outstanding but the Pho was reasonable and the springrolls were particularly good. However, we went there midway last year (2006) and found the texture of the noodle rubbery. Apparently they changed their suppliers. Why do they do that? We haven't been back since.

The branch in Orchard closed down for a good reason - it was a shadow of the flagship store.

I've tried Pho Hao but have not been impressed. We are left with Madam Saigon which is reasonable but not always consistent. I am still searching for a better outlet ... .