Thursday, May 12, 2005

Fishermen's [sic] Wharf Fish and Chips

It's hard to believe, but this place has the best fish and chips that I've ever had anywhere (including England). The key is in the freshness. Not just the fish, but in the fries and even something as trivial as the rich, creamy tartar sauce. Mmm...and just the right amount of salt and grease too. It's enough to enhance the flavor, but not so excessive that it overpowers. Just douse a bit of malt vinegar on it, and you are all set to go.

Interestingly, this place actually makes the distinction between chips (less cooked, more raw potato flavor) and fries (crispy and fully cooked). I prefer the chips myself.

The first time I ate at this place, I was amazed at how good it was, so much that I thought it was just that I was hungry at that time. But after two visits later, I can confidently say that it was not just about the context. It truly is the best fish and chips I've ever Singapore, of all places.

Strangely, the place is billed as a Scandinavian place, downstairs from Akvavit restaurant on North Bridge Road. At least its conveniently on my way home from the office.


Anonymous said...

Have you been to New Harbour at Tanjong Pagar? It's a nice cafe/restaurant specializing in Western food. Most of the items on their menu are pretty good, among the best interpretations of western food in Singapore at value-for-money prices especially their simply delicious burgers. Anyway, back to fish and chips, New Harbour offers a "KFC-like" version of it that's not much delicious, the serving is so ample that I couldn't finish it. I definitely recommend that you patronise New Harbour. Would be interesting to read your review of it.

Anonymous said...

the standard of this joint must have dropped enormously since your visit. The fish portions are very small, most of it is greasy batter, unlike in your picture. The place was suspiciously empty on a Saturday night, for a good reason I guess