Sunday, July 23, 2017

Big Fish Small Fish at Punggol East Container Park


We finally made it out to that container park off Tebing Lane today. I was rather disappointed to find that the menus on most of those seven vendors looking rather boring; this fish and chip shop was the only one that looked half-interesting (50 Punggol East #01-K35).

Actually, it's more of a fish and *crisp* shop - if you're using British English, that is. Yeah, basically they were thin American chips, done in house, and not a bad job of them either. And buried underneath all of that was a bit of fish too: nothing to go nuts over, but having things like a salted egg dip (in addition to malt vinegar - phew!) kept it fun.

It definitely doesn't beat Smith's though for a proper serving of fish and chips. Indeed, halfway through this meal I started to think of those thick cuts of potato (as well as their delicious halibut) from Smith's. But this waterfront place is pretty cool in the late afternoon, especially with so many stalls nearby selling beer too.

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