Saturday, May 13, 2017

Shanghai Lu Restaurant in Vancouver, Canada

Salt and Pepper BC Crab

It might seem weird given that I live in Asia, but one thing on the list of items to get here in "Hongcouver" was local Cantonese food. But we weren't in the mood to head all the way down to Richmond for it. It was also tough walking into any place without a reservation at 7 PM on the Saturday before Mother's Day. We thus just kept walking down the street before randomly encountering this place (705 West Broadway, 604-873-9147), figuring that we'd get turned away too. Somehow we lucked out and got a table.

Despite the name, it was your typical Chinese-American (uh, Canadian) restaurant, with the menu even boasting of a "Free Egg Roll" with a delivery order of over C$30 (US$22). I thus didn't care too much for most of the items on the menu, but what I did want was their crab, especially given their tank of live Dungeness, or "BC crab," as they called it here. They brought out a good-sized one approaching nearly three pounds and off into the back it went.

It was wonderful. The meat was so delightfully fine and sweet, and the light salt and pepper batter plus a mild shower of garlic and chili peppers (think: a bit like typhoon shelter crab) made me grin from ear to ear, especially when getting to the bits of deep fried tomalley underneath. Seriously, I have yet to eat a crab that beats Dungeness, and am glad to have gotten one straight from the source here. Now, it's been so long since I've been to R&G Lounge in San Francisco that it's hard to make a comparison, but I was happy with this either way.

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