Sunday, May 28, 2017

Liang Pin Beef Noodles in Taipei, Taiwan

Beef Noodles

I hopped out of Taipei Main Station tonight (I love the new express line from the airport, BTW) and needed some dinner before checking into the hotel. So I randomly walked around on the streets and stumbled across this shop, which apparently has been around since 1971 (10 Kaifeng Street Section 1, 2371-2644). The good thing was that the beef was very tender, the knife-cut noodles were nice and chewy, and the broth was crisp yet savory. But I wish it were spicier. There was a central condiment station where one could grab red chili oil and pickled veggies, not to mention raw garlic cloves too. But the serving spoon was so darned small that it took forever for me to get any of that chili oil in there. Ultimately, it still wasn't spicy enough. Maybe I should've asked that energetic proprietor if he could've just made my bowl spicier in the kitchen.

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