Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Chen's Mapo Tofu at Downtown Gallery, Singapore

Set #2

Of all of the other options at Downtown Gallery, this was the only other store that seemed interesting (6A Shenton Way #02-29, 6221-3206). But I had to wonder, who the heck was Chen?? Only after having looked it up did I realize that it was Chen Kentaro. Really? So this is a casual, cheaper version of Shisen Hanten? Fantastic! I've loved his stuff even before the Michelin stars, and now this was a much cheaper way of eating his food. The mapo tofu still packed a good numbing punch, and made for easy shoveling down one's throat when sitting on that bed of rice underneath. The noodles in my set were also cooked pleasantly firmly. I don't think one can get his awesome shui zhu yu here though.

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