Saturday, April 22, 2017

Niku Kappo by Watami at ION Orchard

Wagyu Mori

The Watami folks have redone their ION Orchard place to focus on beef (2 Orchard Turn #B3-23, 6509-9366). It wasn't teppan though; instead they specialized in a sweet stew or something. They had some wagyu sushi too, but even then, it wouldn't fit into this no-carb exercise that I'm on for a few weeks. So one of the few things that I could get was this wagyu sashimi above.

No, I didn't like it. You'd think that the marbled cuts in particular would be awesome, but I guess the fat just doesn't taste good until it's exposed to direct heat. The other stuff here is gimmicky and seemingly geared toward theatrics, including a "dancing salad" that just tasted like what I would've made at home. I guess I should've realized this when noticing that the beef in their display window was made of plastic.

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