Thursday, August 04, 2016

Osaka Kitchen Singapore at Japan Food Town

After finishing meetings at a nearby hotel, I stopped by Japan Food Town to see if I might have any luck at the teppan place tonight (435 Orchard Road #04-46, 6262-3271). Fortunately, I got there early enough to get a seat at the counter before they put up a sign to say that they were fully booked. I went for an omakase, featuring multiple plates of food that came out impressively fast.

More importantly, the food brought me right back to Osaka with its unpretentious and in-your-face attitude, as seen in dishes like an avocado wedge resting on top of some crispy grilled cheese. The best item wasn't the okonomiyaki above, but the wagyu and the prawn. Yes, it was good, but this course was also S$80 (US$59), so it's not like I can come here regularly.

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