Monday, March 06, 2017

Ippudo's Tori Ton Kasane Ramen in Singapore

Tori Ton Kasane Ramen

As much as I love Spain and could eat there forever, I was really craving some tonkotsu ramen after landing today. So I went to Ippudo where they had this mixed tonkotsu and chicken broth special running through the end of the month.

I was both curious and hesitant given that I haven't been that impressed with his chicken-based stuff before. But this one got a lot better after you mixed in the raw, green, and fried onions as well as squeezed in some of that fresh lemon.

And the more that I look at it, I really haven't been giving Ippudo enough attention, as there really is good food there. But it's just too darned expensive. Seriously, that bowl above plus a beer, starter, and kaedama totaled over S$40 (US$28)! Sigh.

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Terence Lim said...

All 'food-imports' in Singapore are woefully overpriced which always leaves quite the sting when dining here I'm afraid...