Thursday, March 09, 2017

Los Angeles' 25 Degrees Burger in Singapore


This burger shop from LA has opened up an outlet at Hotel G in Singapore (200 Middle Road, 6809-7990). They had a handful of specialty burgers, but I skipped right past those to customize my own, landing on that one above with avocado, arugula, and some cheese. I liked how the patty hits you with a punch of black pepper, and the bun was impressively aromatic as well.

But then the bill came, and the burger was almost two times more expensive than I recalled it being. I was baffled, and thus had to look at the menu again to be sure. The burger price was right, but under the Craft Your Own section, there are lists of toppings that say "Add 2 Each." I thought that meant that a Craft Your Own burger came with two toppings each. But no, what they meant was that each topping was S$2 (US$1.40). Had they put a dollar sign (i.e., "Add $2 Each"), it would've been much more clear.

So I was rather miffed when I left, especially since the US menu seems to have a dollar sign in the same section...from what I could see online anyway. Despite all of that, I wouldn't mind coming back here again, as I think I can tweak my toppings a bit more to get the taste right (that one above was still a bit off the mark for me). Besides, the service was pretty fast.

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