Friday, February 24, 2017

Yu Tang Clan: Specialist in King Mackerel

Fish Soup

It's hard to miss this brightly-lit fish soup place with its gigantic touchscreen kiosks and catchy name (1 Shenton Way #01-11, 6509-9560). So I came here for breakfast this morning. They have a variety of different flavors, but I got the original one, whose fish was fresh and the flavors were clean. But it also wasn't garnished as nicely as Hock Heng on Zion Road.

Well, maybe the flavored versions would do better, and I don't mind trying them one day, despite all of the flies swarming around the place. I do need to keep in mind though that eating this stuff for breakfast is just going to turn me into a nasty sweaty mess by the time I get into the office (eew!). In that sense, maybe breakfast here is not such a good idea on a weekday.

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