Sunday, January 15, 2017

China's Nanjing Dapaidang at Plaza Singapura

Savory Radish Pancakes

This chain restaurant from Nanjing has opened up an overseas outlet at Plaza Singapura under the odd-sounding name Nanjing Impressions (68 Orchard Road #04-46, 6352-7877). The restaurant's old-school decor is pretty cool, but the good thing was that the food was good too.

One of my favorites was their signature salted duck. It admittedly didn't look very attractive at first, and I'm not one to get excited about poultry that has been chopped up to the point where you have to deal with annoying bone fragments either. But this was so nicely aromatic that I'd happy to patiently gnaw on those bones again, especially if someone is willing to fund some Chinese yellow wine to go along with it (this place isn't cheap).

Other notable items included a very tender "lion's head" meatball, an extremely delicate shrimp roe custard, as well as some plain noodles in a light soy broth (even if I'll pass on those limp radish pancakes above next time). I guess I've always had a soft spot for Jiangnan cuisine.

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