Saturday, December 17, 2016

Returning to the Coconut Club in Singapore

Nasi Lemak and Sambal Lala

All of that talk about chendol this past week somehow brought us back to The Coconut Club, which incidentally is open for lunch on Saturdays. We got the standard issue nasi lemak of course, but also a special that they've been running for a couple of weeks now: sambal lala.

Despite how it may sound, the sambal didn't cover up the taste of the clams at all. The burst of that fresh clam juice still squirted out of each one despite the sambal coating it. BTW, their sambal really is pretty good: spicy and slightly sweet but not overpowering.

And yes, the chendol is much better than that one in Penang, as the latter was just too watered down, whereas these guys have a strong coconut and gula melaka taste to it...and without any beans either. Too bad that the coffee here is a bit of a bore though.

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