Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Restoran Bubur Goreng in Klang, Malaysia

Fried Congee

That brown mess above was our sole reason for making the long drive all the way out to Klang tonight. See, it's fried congee, which I requested given that that this is allegedly a Malaysian dish. Interestingly, my local teammates had never heard of it, and had to look it up online. It turns out that it's from the northern part of Malaysia and is not that common in KL...unless we drove out to this place (32 Lorong Lang, 016-6868579).

It was a lot better than the one at Royal J's back in Singapore. It was thinner in consistency and had lots of bits of lard and dried shellfish, among other things. Having said that though, it still didn't have any smokiness imparted from the wok like I had hoped. And in that sense, it became one of the least tasty things that we ordered tonight.

We had a lot more fun with other things like some steamed clams with sliced green chili peppers, or a steamed fish sitting in a brown sauce made of ginger puree. A fried noodle with mantis prawns was pretty good too. So no, I wouldn't make the trip all the way out here again just for that fried porridge (my local teammates weren't impressed either). But I sure wouldn't mind that those clams, fish, or noodles again.

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